The goal of Awesomeography is to show everyone who is interested a path to doing Awesome things. We imagine people, sitting in their Awesome homes surrounded by Awesome things, thinking, "I would like to make something Awesome, but I don't know where to start!" Awesomeography shows you where to start, and helps you past those little obstacles that might keep you from moving forward on your path to Awesome.


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Brian J. Geiger. Brian likes to keep busy. During the day he makes robot cars. At night he might sing, act, cook, write, take photographs, play ukulele, program, or learn new ways to make art He might not be very good at some of those things, but he likes learning about them enough to get an idea of what can be done with them and, in a pinch, make something passable. You can also find him at The Food Geek.

You can find Brian at Twitter and App.Net (he probably even has some App.Net invites if you're interested).


Melissa Ward. Melissa is a marketing magazine editor by day, baker, blogger, homebrewer, cooking enthusiast, bibliophile, Ticket to Ride-obsessed mobile gamer by nights and weekends, and ALWAYS a geek. She's the baker behind Cupcake Friday Project, which not only is her springboard into opening a bakery someday, but also an avenue to show people that, yes, they too can bake amazing and tasty things FROM SCRATCH. And when she's not baking, she's usually creating a crazy pizza for Pizza Night with her husband Ray. 

You can find Melissa on Twitter, but most likely she's in her kitchen. Baking. Maybe with Scotch.