Writer's Market

Selling your writing is difficult. Giving it away is really easy, but if you'd like someone to pay you for your article, story, novel, manuscript, or whatever, you have to do a bunch of legwork. On the plus side, there are still many, many people who want to give money for good writing. On the minus side, most of them aren't looking for exactly the thing you write. So you can either waste your time sending to thousands of people who will have no need for the thing you wrote, or you can focus on the dozens or hundreds that are looking for exactly the thing you wrote.

The problem of allowing writers to find their market has been around for a long time, and the solution has been around for almost as long. At first, it was just a book called Writer's Market. You can still get this book at bookstores, Amazon, or a library. And if you're going to use the actual book, I recommend the library, as it'll be free that way. If you have money to pay, though, there's a better option.

WritersMarket has a website. It currently costs around $6/month, but the information in it will be up-to-date, unlike the book. It also has handy tools for letting you keep track of publishers you are interested in and similar tools to help your search.

Even better, there's a 7-day free trial. Give it a go and find some publishers who want a writer just like you.