You Can Only Do So Much Awesome

Sometimes, you want to do so many awesome things that you pick and choose what awesome thing you want to do right at this moment. It sounds like a terrible First World Problem, and it's not the worst thing in the world, but.

What happens is, even though you're doing cool and amazing things, sometimes you worry about the amazing things you aren't doing. Sometimes you're stuck in Utah building a cool robot, when you really want to write some articles for this new web site you launched…

Whaaa?! Is this some kind of apology post for not posting much recently? A little bit, yes. But it's an important point anyways, so go with me on this. There are lots of important things in life, and you can't do them all at once. Remember to go ahead and focus on the things you are doing right now, and not to let the things that you aren't doing take away from the things you are.

So yes, be mindful, be in the now, all of that. Enjoy the awesome you have, until you're done with it and ready to do some more awesome. You don't have to do it all at once. Unless you have deadlines, but that's an entirely different post.