Twitter vs. Other Media

It is not a secret that I am a big fan of Twitter.* I've been using it for years, like the conversations I have with people, and I really dig the immediacy of the posting and feedback.

Still, sometimes it occurs to me that, for the 30 seconds of effort I put into a concept, maybe I could have spent more time and done something else with that concept. For example, I used to have a blog with Fine Cooking where I would answer people's questions about cooking. Some questions I would answer on Twitter, because they were quick and easy to answer, but those questions might have been otherwise answered with a blog post or a video, if I were to go mad with power.

Even more so, one-liners seem like the opportunities I waste the most. Sure, a quick observation about how I can use lessons from Mythbusters to do my job certainly is accurate and pretty cool, but looking back, it occurs to me that I really should consider writing an article about how you can learn from Mythbusters for your job. Or about finding a job that you can do Mythbustery things in. Or write a humorous song about someone who tried to take lessons from Mythbusters and apply it to her job with amusing consequences.

There is nothing that says I can't do any or all of these things. Reusing a concept once is copying yourself, three times is a motif, and five times is a theme, although after that people might start to get a little bored. What usually happens, though, is that I write it, send it out, maybe converse with people a little about the concept, and then consider it to be "done". There's no niggling part of my brain that tells me that I really should do something with the idea, because it's done and checked off the list.

So, if you find yourself throwing out a lot of quick ideas onto a medium that's all about immediacy, but when you want to do something more in-depth, you are lacking in inspiration, consider looking through your used material from Twitter (or whatever) for inspiration. Ask yourself with each post, "Can I do something else with this?"

If you don't like re-using material, then more important would be to stop yourself from posting your quick thought, and decide whether it would be better to turn into something longer-form, or whether it would needs to be short and/or released immediately. You could find you have a lot more inspiration than you realized.

*- With the exception of how they treat third party developers, but that's entirely tangential to this post.