You Are Allowed to Be Awesome

I just came across this AMAZING yet simple post from Roz Duffy on her site Stellargirl.  Jump over there, right now, and read her post titled "You Are Allowed." Then read it again. And again. To whet your appetite, here are a few of my favorites:

If you think that because you just earned your PhD, you can’t be a makeup artist, well, you can. You are allowed.
If people tell you you’re a great painter, but you really love photography, take more pictures. You are allowed.
If you want to quit your job and open a bakery, yummy! You are allowed.
If you want to turn down a job to follow your own path, enjoy the adventure. You are allowed.
If you need to look inward so that you can look forward, it’s amazing, do it. You are allowed.
If you just gotta give it a try, go for it. You are allowed.
If you want to learn something new, weird and crazy, how awesome. You are allowed.

You are allowed to do anything you want (my advice, though, is to avoid illegal activities and in general being a dick), and you don't need to get permission from anyone else but YOU. However, I think we tend to be reluctant because we worry what will happen. What if we fail? What if we hate it? 

Well, you won't know until you allow yourself. So make a list of things you want to do (even the simple stuff, like going to bed early in order to REALLY get some decent sleep for once) and read through it and start allowing the list to happen. It'll be awesome, and who knows where it will take you?