The Importance of Just Doing Something

On the one hand, I hesitate to write this post, because it is essentially the only thing you really, truly need to know in order to be awesome. There are lots of other little things like acquiring a specific skill or figuring out how to pay for stuff or whatever, but this is the biggest key. So if I write it, I might feel like I've given away the biggest secret, so what more do I need to do?

On the other hand, I have to write this, because it's the most important thing to know. It underlies many of our other Fear articles, and you're going to see this basic advice repeated in many ways. I'm not so worried, though; even being completely blunt with this advice, it's never enough.

"If knowing were doing, what a different world we'd make." —Marian Call, The Volvo Song

The important thing to know is: You will never do anything if you don't do something. That's it. Thinking about going to the gym won't get you to lose weight. Worrying about how many dishes you have to do won't clean dishes. Wishing you could do something awesome won't make something awesome.

So much of what keeps people from doing things is being stuck at the thing you don't know what to do about. Identify that thing, figure out what needs doing in order to learn what it is you don't know, and then get past it.  

Other things that keep people from doing things is just not knowing if you can do it. However, not knowing if you can is not a thing that should stop you. There's a really easy way to find out if you can do it: try. If failing isn't going to kill you or keep your family from being able to eat or something, and it's just a matter of learning if you'll fail or succeed, then get over it and try.

If failing in your thing will kill you or something similarly disastrous, then you owe it to yourself and others to add a bunch of extra steps in between to make it safer. But, you know what? Adding those steps and doing them is doing something

So: do something. Make it something directly towards your path of Awesome. Ignore things keeping you from doing something. And if you need help past a particular block, you can always read more articles or even ask us for advice. Just as long as you're doing something.