Saving Money by Buying Broken Dreams

The problem with making awesome things is that, sometimes, it doesn't work out. Maybe you decide that you don't like doing whatever it is, maybe you find out you're no good, or maybe you just can't make enough to make it worthwhile. This sort of project abandonment is really fairly common, which normally would be just a little sad because, you know, it's an indication on failure and so on. 

Like an overused metaphor, your awesomeness can rise from the ashes of someone else's dead phoenix. Because when people give up, they want to get rid of their old equipment, and used equipment, often barely used equipment, is significantly less expensive than buying new. 

If you're starting a project that requires an investment in equipment, first look for what you would buy new from the appropriate retailers. Then, before you purchase something, look for those model numbers and brands on Craigslist, Freecycle, eBay, and so on. Chances are, you'll save a significant amount of money, which may let you buy better equipment, or more supplies, or even let you turn a profit sooner.

And, if you happen to switch focus onto a new project, you'll know where to sell your used equipment. So there's that.