Random Ideas

 There's a belief that ideas are important, and even that ideas are The Most Important Thing. These are called "Million Dollar Ideas," though these days a million dollars doesn't go as far as it used to. People will hoard these ideas, or if they want to show off, they'll share their idea and make the recipient swear to secrecy.

This is ridiculous. Ideas are not special. Ideas don't bring people to see your thing, and ideas definitely will not make you a million dollars. You know what does all of those things? Execution. Create a thing and people will come to see it. Create a thing, and people can buy it. Think about a thing and it'll be thought about.

If you are stuck for inspiration, or if you cling to the belief that it's the idea that's important,  set aside some time to make something (a painting, a story, a song, a stone mosaic, or whatever) and get the idea for it from a random source.

  • You could use bibliomancy, and open a book to a randomly chosen page and create your thing based on the first sentence your eyes hit;
  • If you have an iOS device, you could get Story Dice, or there are other equivalents on other devices, platforms, and even in real life;  
  • If you are feeling ambitious, pick a theme-based contest to compete in. Masters of Song Fu, for example, has inspired many of the songs I most listen to. There are similar competitions for whatever it is you want to do (see, for example, Worth1000).

Find an idea and do something with it. If you get really good at creating things with random ideas, you will be even more amazing when you have an idea that you love and want to pour everything into it.