Friday's Awesome Links for May 3

Brian and I decided that there is a lot of awesome stuff being written and shared online that we want to share with all of you. So, every Friday we'll share some butt-kicking articles we've read or sites we've discovered that week.

If you think there's an article or a site we should check out, feel free to leave a comment, or touch base with us through our Contact page.

Melissa's Picks

Be Awesome at a Moment's Notice: A Guide to Powering Up Your Brain
I thought this article had some pretty interesting tips that you can pick and choose from, but maybe most important is the comment that you should use them sparingly. While I don't agree with the term "tricks," I liked this closing point: 

Moderation is key. You can help yourself out by using these tricks when you need them, but you'll waste a good thing if you use them too frequently. Think of these methods as a secret weapon, and not as an everyday solution.

How to Be Awesome at Approaching People
I feel like this is something everyone should read, because 1) Approaching people isn't always the easiest, and 2) approaching people is important because that's how you build friendships, partnerships, and more.

Brian's Picks

Seth Godin
If you like Awesomeography, chances are good your going to find helpful tips at Seth's site. This is not a particularly obscure link, to be sure, but it's a great one to put out there early. Sometimes he writes about productivity and sometimes marketing, but there's a lot of great stuff in there that I'm almost certainly going to steal in the near future.

Ladysplaining Episode 1 - The Dunning-Kruger Effect (mp3 link)
Sara Chicazul and Alice Lee explain (or Ladysplain) a useful psychological effect and how it can help you to hack your brain for more awesomeness. I live almost exclusively in activities explained by the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and it seems to work out well enough for me. Maybe it will for you as well.