Friday's Awesome Links for May 10

Brian here. There are some links we need to give you this week. They are all awesome, so you can click them all now, or you can read about them, and then click them. Your choice, really.

The McDonald's Theory - This link is from Melissa. It's ostensibly about a general lesson learned while finding a trick to get people to choose some place to go to lunch, but let's face it: there is nothing harder in the world than getting a group of people to come up with some place to go for lunch. Blah blah general lesson: lunch. Seriously.

Getting Things Done - My assumption is that everyone knows what this is, but I have a strange world view. Getting Things Done (or GTD) is a book that describes a philosophy about how to get things done. It's about prioritizing and making your life easier for avoiding distractions and the like. It's a short book, and even if you don't go all out in the GTD philosophy, you can learn some useful tidbits that you can take advantage of without all the rest. There's probably something in the book about not doing that, but it's cool. I won't tell.

Unclutterer - A website, and also a book and a philosophy, because why not?, that helps you to eliminate clutter from your life. Some of the clutter is physical, some is emotional, and often it's both.

Incidentally, both of my recommendations came from talking with Fallen_Woman on Twitter and finding out what sorts of things she would like from Awesomeography. Please do talk to us, on Twitter, Facebook, or through our contact page. If you know me or Melissa, give us a call. It's cool.