Friday's Awesome Links for May 24

Another Friday, another bunch of awesome to share. Shall we begin?

Don’t Fight the Funk: How To Deal With Depression
This article is a big one for me, because I've been dealing with my own funk. It's not fun, it's not easy, and it's really freaking frustrating. It's taken the wind out of my sails, but this article, which my husband Ray shared with me, helps put things into perspective. And I can imagine that a lot of us are going to be hit with funks while trying to do the awesome things we want to do. So hopefully this can help.

Marc Vetri: Defining Yourself
I am a huge nerd for chef and restauranteur Marc Vetri, who has given Philly the joy of having at least 4 restaurants. But this isn't just about food. Marc shares about his stutter, its effect, and how he doesn't let it define him negatively anymore. He writes:

"Confidence is the one thing that many people who stutter lack. We're always worried about what other people think. That day, I realized that maybe people aren't as caught up in it as I thought they were."

I think we all have something that we use to define ourselves in a negative way because we think that's all that other people see. And they don't. So let's start defining ourselves with the positives ... and take that cue from Marc.