Friday's Awesome Links for June 7

It's Friday, Friday, Friday, and we have some awesome stuff to share with you!

From Melissa:
How to love the inevitable pain of getting focused. It hurts so good.
Danielle's genius is easily summed up in the third sentence: "If focusing was easy, everyone would being doing it."

Survivorship Bias
This piece is a bit long, though I love the examples from the WWII fighting planes, it's main thesis is striking: Don't learn from the survivors, learn from those who did not survive. That might sound a little morbid, but think about it ... it makes sense. Sure, you can see what other successful people do, but their successes will be different than yours. Instead, look for what failed, so you can learn what NOT to do.

From Brian:
I have two articles which are related, in a way. The first is from ukuleleist John Scalzi (oh, okay, he's a SF author and, strictly speaking, was playing a Tenor Guitar), and it's about how being a white male is like playing a video game on easy mode.

Which is all well and good and important to read, but it's really just a companion to this article by artist Molly Crabapple about art, and about rules, and about money. There are adult concepts, as well as adult language, in this article, so you know. (Via Nicole Hello the Future! Dieker)