Friday's Awesome Links for July 19

Hellllloooo! How are you! Brian and I have been busy working on some upcoming "stuff" (check back on Monday!), as well as working our butts off at our day jobs, and presumably sweating as this heatwave beats the everliving crap out of the Mid-Atlantic. Boo heatwave! 

Nevertheless, here is some summer reading you should check out, in easy-to-digest article form, that way you can keep on being awesome. 

 Change Your Definition of Failure: It's How You Get Better
This piece is fantastic, simply for this breakdown:

It’s easy to see why we fear failures, screw-ups and unknowns when you consider how they are traditionally defined:
Failure: 1. lack of success; failing 2. unsuccessful person or thing. 3. non-performance.
Screw-up: 1. bungle, mess. 2. mismanage a task. 3. thing incorrectly done or thought.
Unknown: 1. not known. 2. unfamiliar.
You can shift your perception and recognize their value (or at least take out the sting) by redefining them as follows:
Failure: 1. the starting line 2. part of process. 3. on the path to success.
Screw-up: 1. sign of innovation. 2. output of dedicated work 3. result of perseverance.
Unknown: 1. creative challenge. 2. new opportunity.

Following this is a list of 4 Dos and Don'ts for how to respond. The essence of this piece is to get out of the trap of negative thinking (which can be a deadly spiral) and into a more positive space. Trust me, it's worth it.

 The ‘Busy’ Trap
You may have already read this NYT piece (it's a year old), but I still see people linking to it, so I thought it'd be good to share in this space. Yes, it's fine to be busy, but too many of us are burying ourselves in "busy," acting like its a badge of honor. It's not healthy. There's nothing wrong with relaxing, and often some of your best ideas can come to you when you're being idle. Let this happen. Just because you're not "busy" doesn't mean you're not doing enough or you're lazy.