In Praise of the Unremarkable

A month before we were due to launch this site, I ran across an article entitled, "A Rant: In Praise of the Unremarkable."  It's essentially about having inspirational messages shoved in your face, and telling people that it's okay (and often praiseworthy, as you might guess from the title) to skip the whole "being awesome" thing and just do your job, support your family, and so on.

One month before the launch of the site, Melissa and I were deep in the middle of figuring out what to write about, how the site should look, what our updating schedule might be, and so on. When I read, "In Praise of the Unremarkable," it felt as though it was somewhat aimed at what we are trying to do at Awesomeography.  It's not, really, but it dips into that territory from time to time. 

The central concept can be encapsulated by this quote, "We are bombarded by marketing, advertising and social media rainbow bombs that imply that if we’re not exceptional, we’re nothing." There are examples throughout the article that support that, and in reality, we aren't into that sort of thing here.

It's not for us to tell you if you are exceptional or not. Live your life the way you want to or the way you need to. We aren't trying to be inspirational in the sense that we are trying to convince you that you could be more than you believe you can be. What we are trying to do is to show you, if you are interested in doing something awesome, how to go about it.

All of the advice we give is meant to be practical. Some of it may be a bit esoteric, some may be a bit fluffy, especially if I'm feeling bad that I haven't written an article recently and I want to get something out without having to work too hard at it. But, at its heart, everything is meant to be something that you could pick up, dig through a little, and use to get farther along your path to awesome.

That being said, man, the inspirational articles are so easy. Blah blah, all you have to do is believe in yourself, blah blah. If you catch me writing one of those, get over to my contact page and call me a lazy wretch, for clearly I am. There's a place for those articles, but not here. We even have an Inspiration section, but it's not meant for that kind of inspiration. It's meant to give you a place to start on your projects. Going on a Questfinishing your first draft even if you don't like it, using your short form ideas in a longer form, all of those are meant to be practical advice. The Bloggess link … that maybe not so much. I should have put that here in the blog, rather than as an article. But nobody noticed, so as long as I don't point it out, it should be fine.

So, to sum up: We're not trying to get you to starve your children or make the world a less safe place or anything like that. If you don't want to be awesome, or if you just can't do it, then don't. But if you find you're spending a lot of time just staring out a window, or watching the television, or just wishing you could do something pretty cool, we are here to help. 

One thing I will take exception with in the article is the claim that the Mini Cooper is not a remarkable car. It is fantastically amazing, and I will hear nothing to gainsay that. Harrumph.