Friday's Awesome Links for Aug. 16

In one week, Brian and I will be hanging out at our booth at Intervention, talking with attendees and discussing how folks can get this awesomeness rocking and rolling. Will you be there? Come visit us!

Until then, here are a few things we came across recently that we want to share: 

From Brian: 
Guy Windsor's solutions to 5 barriers to success 
This is essentially what a very good Awesomeography article should be, except neither Melissa nor I wrote it. Read this and learn about five barriers to success. (via @jpmarcotte)

How to approach structured writing from the JoCoCruiseCrazy 3 Nerdist Writer's Panel. This was my question from the panel, as I spent roughly a half an hour ruthlessly crafting my question in such a way as to be specific and efficient. It took a while to get the kind of answer I was looking for, but Josh A. Cagan came through with some practical advice. I am a big fan of learning practical advice from people who know.

The Finish Line.
Though he's discussing art, John Kovalic talks about the most important parts of any project: starting and finishing. 

From Melissa:
The One-Year, Alternative Graduate School Program 
I found this to be intriguing, and really, a great option for someone who can focus on self-learning. It's also something that can be adapted—maybe not as the "full" alternative program, but simply as something that can enrich your every day life.