Friday's Awesome Links for Aug. 30

My brain is still a little squishy from meeting SO MANY INTERESTING people at Intervention this past weekend, but apparently Brian's brain still works, and here are a couple articles he has to share with you this week! 

From Brian:

Adam Savage's Ten Rules For Success
Although he doesn't have the most awesome job in existence, he is definitely high up on the list, and as a Mythbuster and maker Adam Savage knows a lot about succeeding and failing. So this list of ten rules for success is well worth checking out.

Letters of Note: Take Your Pick
"In 1984, iconic advertising executive and real-life Mad Man David Ogilvy received a letter from his 18-year-old great nephew, Harry. Having just finished school, Harry was now faced with the common dilemma of whether to go to university or jump straight into full-time work, and so asked his highly respected relative for some wisdom on the matter. Ogilvy responded with the following multiple choice letter of advice."

This is a great way of showing options. Look at what each can do for you, not just as the step for now, but in how you can go forward after that. It's not that there's a right way, it's knowing what you can do with what you choose.