An old type of game

So, yeah, it's been a while. Life became busy for all of the regular Awesomeographers, and we ended up spending our time on other things. But I've had an idea, and I wanted to put it down somewhere. This seemed a good place.

A deck of cards is a clever thing. You can play many different types of games with a single deck. It has card types on a few dimensions: color, suit, value, and class (face vs. number). With those four variables, you have more than 20 major games and plenty of variations of each. That's without modifying a standard deck.

I'd like to do a variation of that for the modern age. The goal would be to make a game where all of the required pieces are not too much larger than a deck of cards. Everything could be made easily with a 3D printer, CNC mill, or could be inexpensively purchased. There would be instructions available online (perhaps available as a booklet made to fit well to the pieces) that would have not only all of the games that people had come up so far, but also a guide to creating new games, perhaps with some basic game theory to go with.

So I'll noodle this over some more, and see if it gets to the point where I want to put the time to it. It's entirely possible there's something like this out there already, or other people are working on it. If I start it up, I'll announce here and put it on my Github repo so that people can contribute if they are so inclined.